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Whether you decide to retain your current hardware, or host with Core Services, upgrading/implementing to Oracle 11i or R12 is smooth and easy. Our consulting expertise alone is the perfect reason to choose our solutions! The advantage of letting us host your upgrade, is that you don’t bear the burden of purchasing new hardware during the upgrade, testing, or switchover. Either way, you benefit from our extensive hands-on experience.


Why Upgrade?

Undoubtedly one of the main reasons you invested in an integrated ERP package from Oracle was the promise of ongoing enhancements and new functionality. Release 11i and now R12 are part of Oracle’s most significant applications enhancements ever. Don’t want to relive the cost and disruption of the original implementation project? Core Services’ methodology and toolkit provide a quick way to upgrade your Oracle Applications to take advantage of Release 11i or R12 while minimizing the cost and disruption to your business.


Core Services can provide all of your Oracle upgrade consulting needs:

  • Technical architecture planning and design
  • Database upgrades
  • Application upgrades with new functionality
  • New feature training
  • DBA expertise
  • Custom development expertise


Benefits of upgrading with Core Services:

  • No need to purchase new hardware
  • Immediate access to the Applications throughout project
  • Rapid upgrade to 11i or R12
  • Minimal disruption to your business
  • Low cost to upgrade
  • Unlimited use of Vision or training instances during project


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