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Today's ERP Monitoring landscape forms a paradox: too many ERP monitoring tools provide too little information. The Enterprise monitoring market is flooded with tools that measure server speed, storage usage levels, and network response time. IT Managers might find those metrics useful but, at the end of the day, business stakeholders need answers to questions like:

  • Are web orders filled quickly or do visitors abandon carts?
  • Can I complete payroll and/or MRP runs before my deadline?
  • Will customer orders ship on time?

Core Services' Custom ERP Monitoring Solutions deliver answers to those questions through a single, holistic solution framework that correlates information from over 500 data sources, which allows you proactively resolve issues before they grow into problems.

Over a 25 year period, Core Services has designed and deployed a Custom ERP Monitoring Solution that integrates over 400 custom-monitors on Nagios' open source framework. Our custom ERP Monitors protect mission critical areas such as ERP security, Oracle EBS and other ERP workflows, Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware and Oracle SOA. Our monitoring solution also penetrates deep into your ERP system, detecting malformed SQL and PL/SQL statements, reviewing functional configurations, Top I/O, ensuring batch jobs execute quickly and it even resolves blocking locks.


Proactive Automation Replaces a Static Alert

Conventional enterprise monitoring tools all pretty much work the same way: the monitor gathers data from your network, operating system, database and applications and, after certain thresholds are passed, an alert is generated and then is routed to someone in the IT department, who is tasked with identifying the root cause of the issue and then finding a remedy.

With Core Services' Custom ERP Monitoring Solutions, an alert is only the beginning.

An alert from Core Services Custom Monitoring System triggers a series of events.

  • First, the system automatically creates a service request.
  • Second, the system suggests a solution based on the nature of the problem.
  • Third, the system assigns an appropriately-skilled expert to the service request. In many cases, the system automatically executes pre-defined fixes.

Business stakeholders typically don't focus on issues like Mal_formed SQL_IDs, troublesome standard and custom SQL code, PL/SQL Bottlenecks, or verifying that a Concurrent Program is running, but left unattended problems tied to anyone of these issues can seriously disrupt operations.

Core Services Custom ERP Monitoring Solutions have been refined and tailored not only to identify issues, but to remediate them long before a business disruption can occur.


Test Drive our Custom ERP Monitoring System

All clients on the Core Services ERP Cloud enjoy the benefits of our Custom ERP Monitoring Solution. Fortunately, we can deploy our custom monitors on your Oracle ERP solution, regardless of whether you host your systems in house or on another private cloud.

If Oracle ERP performance lags are disrupting your business, take the first step to eliminating bottlenecks by requesting Oracle Performance Tuning Health Check, where we will analyze your operating system, database, application and web tiers to provide you with a detailed breakdown of your:

  • init.ora and other tunable database parameters
  • middle tier configuration and tuning parameters
  • concurrent manager configuration and tunable parameters
  • past and currently executing PL/SQL to identify inefficient SQL IDs in need of repair


Request your Oracle Performance Tuning Health Check today.

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