Disaster Recovery

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  • Power Failure
  • Hardware Error
  • Fire & Flood

  • Earthquake
  • Hurricane
  • Software Error

  • Snow/wind Storm
  • Network Failure
  • Sabotage & Terrorism

Impact of Disasters

With the explosion of around-the-clock E-Business, enterprises operate in an extremely complex and highly networked, global economy on a single global instance. Today, companies are more susceptible to interruptions, like natural disaster, hardware failure, or human error, whether intentional or not. While the cost of such interruptions varies across industries, for companies with a significant web presence, outages are crippling.  For mission critical applications such as the Oracle E-Business Suite, such a disaster could spell  financial ruin if not rectified rapidly.

Core Services' Data Protection Strategies

Effective Disaster Recovery planning is more than just providing a power backup supply or a second server in another building. In the event of a disaster, hardware and networks can be replaced or moved to a new location, but data, one of the most critical assets of a business, may not be recovered as easily or as quickly if not protected correctly.

These Oracle Disaster Recovery solutions include:

  • Real time Replication – Production environments may be replicated to the last committed transaction to an environment at Core using EMC RecoverPoint technology. Learn more
  • Daily Full Backup using Core BaaS – Daily full backups of all Oracle environments backed up to a disk library at Core as well as a continuous feed of the Archived Log files and Log Buffer using EMC Avamar technology. In the event of a disaster, Core Services may restore from the backup at Core to servers at Core. Learn more


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