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GF Central Plastics Migrates Seamlessly to Core Services' Oracle ERP Cloud



Several factors drove GF Central Plastics search for a new Oracle hosting provider. They needed a responsive partner who would monitor and tune their environment proactively while interacting with them directly, rather than through a faceless ticketing system. GF Central Plastics also needed to perform their migration seamlessly and quickly.

GF Central Plastics chose Core Services, who delivered on all fronts.

Before engaging with Core Services, GF Central Plastics had estimated that the minimum migration downtime window would be between 48-72 hours. Core Services suggested a much more aggressive timeframe and then succeeded in exceeding expectations.

When the migration environment was made available to them, GF Central Plastics' IT team expected to spend the entire weekend at the office. However, most of the staff was home by Saturday evening and their Oracle environment had been successfully migrated and tested by Monday morning. All told, the migration, validation, and testing phases were completed within 30 hours.

GF Central Plastics already is benefiting from Core Services' Maximum Performance Architecture, as run times for key business reports have dropped by 50+%. For example, Change Orders used to run for 30 minutes, now they run in 6 to 8 minutes. Before migrating, logging into Oracle often meant staring at an hourglass more often than not during the first half hour. Now, users log in instantly and can navigate freely through the application. GF Central Plastics looks forward to further productivity gains as Core Services fine-tunes its environment.



  • Executed key ERP processes more efficiently
  • Migrated Oracle rapidly and seamlessly
  • Secured a responsive ERP Cloud and Support provider


Client Profile

• Corporate HQ: Shawnee, Oklahoma
• Industry: Manufacturing

Technology Footprint

• Oracle Linux 5.8
• Oracle Database 11g
• Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1

Core Solutions

• Oracle ERP Cloud Solutions

 Hosted since 2015



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